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Faith and Science are complementary disciplines. Though science cannot prove propositions concerning matters of faith, it can provide motives of credibility, which in turn leads to the understanding that faith is reasonable. A faith that is based upon revelation and that is also reasonable, nowhere contradicting the proper domain of science, is important in our time, when scientific and technological developments sometimes lead to the absurd conclusion that faith is no longer necessary or is irrelevant.

Intelligent Design is a scientific discipline, postulating answers to questions concerning the origins of matter, of the cosmos, of life. It does not deal with faith as such but considers instead what science always considers – the causes of phenomena. The series of films that are presented have been produced by Illustra Media, a non-profit that has contacted experts in the field of chemistry, biology, molecular biology, physics, astrophysics, and so forth, to show why intelligent design provides the most reasonable responses to the questions science asks.