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We have been developing a few venues where discussions and personal correspondence can take place. At the present time, there are three ways that you can participate.

  • There is the AHC email discussion group on To join the group, either (1) go to their website or (2) send an email.(1) Website:

(1)  Website:
At the website, enter your email address, select “Subscribe” from the dropdown list, check “I am not a robot”, and click “Next”.

(2)  Email: and place the word “subscribe” in the subject line of the email.

  • There is a discussion group on Facebook. To participate, you must request membership. The url is:

Click on the word “Forums” in the blue ribbon running across the page. When you get to the Forums page, enter your email address, password, and then click “Register.”

If you have any problems, use one of the contact forms to let us know about the problem.