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We are a young apostolate with very limited resources. We appeal to all those who believe that the gifts and calling of the People Israel are irrevocable  (cf. Rom. 28 & 29) and that they still have a role to play in salvation history. If you are among those who believe, we invite you to collaborate in this work of our Lord: renewing the corporate presence of the People and their heritage to the life of the Church .The topics below briefly identify some of areas in which help is needed. If you have other gifts or suggestions to offer, please let us know.

AHC Havurot (small prayer/study groups)

We are encouraging the development of small groups for prayer, study and celebration. These groups will be key to the development of a Hebrew Catholic presence within the Church. They will also provide nourishment and fellowship for all Catholics interested in learning and experiencing the Jewish roots of their faith.


• We need people who will pray and priests who will offer Mass for our work.
• Development of prayers and devotions towards a Hebrew Catholic spirituality.


We are interested in articles for inclusion in our publication, The Hebrew Catholic, and for this web site. Subject matter is diverse, although articles should relate to the themes of our work.


Exploration and development of a Hebrew Catholic Siddur, and other materials to support the application of Jewish traditions and resources to Catholic life and understanding.


• Theological work on the preservation of the People Israel as a corporate entity within the Church.
• Canonical work to explore issues and possibilities for a juridically approved presence of the People Israel within the Church.


We have grown slowly, relying on the generous contributions of a small number of people. Some have faithfully given their widow’s mite, enabling us to pay for office supplies, phone bills, and other recurring bills; a small number of others have enabled us to purchase computers and software, pay for the production and printing of books, pamphlets, etc. And subscription contributions greater than the suggested minimum have enabled us to produce and mail The Hebrew Catholic to those consecrated and poor folk who could not afford a subscription.

If we are to move ahead, helping the People Israel to preserve their heritage and live out their irrevocable calling within the Church, providing a collective witness to Jesus and His Church, then

… we ask you to help us advance this work through your financial support. We are a tax exempt non-profit corporation registered in the states of Missouri, Michigan and New York. All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with section 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

If you are able to help, please click the Donate button in the menu or at the bottom of the page to make your contribution. You can also mail your contribution to:

AHC • 4120 W Pine Blvd • Saint Louis MO 63108-2802


Indirect Means of Financial Support to AHC

If you shop at, .5% of the price of items purchased can be contributed to the 501(c)3 non-profit organization of your choice. Because we are such an organization, you can designate the Association of Hebrew Catholics as the organization to which Amazon will send its contributions. To participate in this program, simply go to to register and to purchase your products.

Another opportunity to indirectly help the AHC is to use to do your web searches. Most searches will earn the AHC a penny. If you visit this site, you will be able to choose the Association of Hebrew Catholics as the recipient of your search donations.


Projects for AHC Support

The AHC serves as an umbrella apostolate, endeavoring to support the work of other apostolates that are faithful to the Magisterium and whose work supports the mission of the AHC. In a nutshell, that mission is to preserve the identity and heritage of Jews within the Church. Through this support, we enlarge and further enable our collective witness to Jesus and the Church.

One of the ways we can support these apostolates is by identifying them as AHC projects of support. In this way, those who wish to donate to the work of these apostolates can do so by making their contribution to the AHC and identifying the project they wish to support in the memo field of the check or the message field of the online Paypal donation form.

We will acknowledge your tax-deductible gift as we turn your donation over to the project you indicate. For now, there are three apostolates that we have identified as AHC projects of support:

Apostles of Perpetual Adoration: Mary’s Mission

Catholics for Israel, by Ariel Ben Ami

Salvation is From the Jews, by Roy Schoeman

Second Exodus, by Marty Barrack

St. James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel


We are most grateful for your help and we remember all who support our work in Mass and our prayers.