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The Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine
Stephen Ray

In each of the 8 DVDs of this series, Steve Ray leads us on an adventure, combining a travel documentary, bible study, apologetics, and Church history all rolled into one. A study guide accompanies each DVD, which runs about 1.5 hours. Click Footprints of God to purchase any of the DVDs.

Abraham – Father of Faith and Works

“He left his home and the false gods of his fathers to follow the God of glory. Mount your camels and journey back in time to discover Abraham, the only man called the “Friend of God”.

Born to a pagan family among ziggurat temples and foreign gods, Abraham obeyed the call of God. Leaving his homeland he journeyed to a far-of land. When required to sacrifice his only son, Abraham held the course, pledging absolute trust in God. Join the adventure as Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, takes you on an exciting journey through Iraq, Turkey, Palestinian Territories and Israel. You’ll see Abraham’s hometown near Bagdad, where he offered Isaac as a sacrifice and the Tomb of the Patriarchs, where he is buried. Learn how Abraham was justified before God by faith, obedience and good worlds.” [From the cover]

Moses – Signs, Sacraments, and Salvation

“What do Moses, miracles, and mountains have to do with our Savior, salvation, and the sacraments?”

“Born a slave, raised a prince, and humbled in exile, Moses returned to confront the mighty Pharaoh with only a staff and the promise of God. Join the adventure as Steve Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, takes you on an incredible journey of discovery through Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Cross the Red Sea, wander the wilderness and climb Mount Sinai. Together you’ll discover how Moses, the Exodus, and the Hebrew experience in the wilderness beautifully point to the coming of Christ and our salvation. Retrace the journey of the Israelites, and discover the roots of our Christian faith. Gain a deeper appreciation of our Savior, and of the Church and her Sacraments.”  [From the cover]

 David / Solomon – Expanding the Kingdom

“He was just a boy strumming his harp and protecting his flock, but God used David to prepare the way for our salvation and the kingdom of God.”

“His quiet life in Bethlehem ended when young David killed Goliath and was anointed king. His heart for God catapulted him to a life of grief and glory. Join the adventure as Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, takes you on an exciting journey through ancient Israel following the saga of David and Solomon. Together you’ll tend sheep, confront a lion, kill Goliath, hide in coves, and rise to the throne of power. Discover how David and Solomon prefigured (or, “foreshadowes”) the life of Christ. Retrace the footprints of the warrior king and his royal son to better understand the roots of our faith and the Church.”  [From the cover]

Mary – The Mother of God

“Mary’s ordinary life took an extraordinary turn when she agreed to become the Mother of God.”

“She was a humble girl from an ordinary Jewish family. Yet Mary came to be exalted as the Daughter of Zion, the Mother of God, and the Queen of Heaven. All because this simple said a simple word: Yes. Follow Mary’s extraordinary journey on location in Israel, Turkey and Greece, with popular Catholic author and speaker Stephen Ray as your guide. Together, you’ll travel the dusty paths that took Mary to the heart of the salvation story. Discovering the Mary of the Bible will help you know and lover her Son. You’ll clearly understand Mary’s Immaculate Conception, her role of intercessor, her Assumption into Heaven and more. ”  [From the cover]

Jesus – The Word Became Flesh

“The infinite God took on human flesh? Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction!

“How could a laborer who chiseled rocks and cut wood forgive sins, heal the sick and raise the dead? Who was this first-century carpenter who changed the whole course of history – of eternity? As he trudged the dusty paths of Israel, he was worshiped as God; as he performed signs that revealed his divinity, he was executed as a traitor. Join Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, as he catchers fish on the Sea of Galilee, camps along the Jordan River, and explores the places where Jesus lived and taught. Experience the breathtaking journey through the streets of Jerusalem to Calvary and the tomb; encounter the Resurrection and Pentecost. Gain a deeper appreciation for our Savior and the price he paid for our salvation.”  [From the Cover]

Peter – Keeper of the Keys

“Why would Jesus choose a rugged uneducated fisherman to lead His Church?

“He is called the Rock, the Fisher of Men and Head of the Church. But how did Peter – a rustic fisherman – come to deserve such honor and authority? Join Stephen Ray, best-selling Catholic author and dynamic speaker, on a journey of adventure and discovery. Follow Peter from Galilee to Jerusalem to Rome. Along the trail you’ll discover answers about the infallibility of the Pope, papal succession, the truth of Catholic teaching and much more! And you’ll see why Jesus chose this simple fisherman and his papal successors to be the Keepers of the Keys and Shepherds of the Church.”  [From the Cover]

Paul – Contending for the Faith

“First a persecutor, then a champion of the Church; blinded and struck down only to see and stand tall.”

“Zealous for the God of Israel, Saul of Tarsus pursued murderous threats against the disciples of Jesus. But Saul’s zeal was turned upside down when he was knocked from his ‘high horse’ and tumbled by the hand of God. Join the adventure as Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, takes you on the road with St. Paul through Israel, Syria, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Fall from a horse in the desert and dangle over the Damascus Wall in a basket. Cling to driftwood in the sea and stride alone ancient Roman roads. You’ll better understand the life, ministry, and sufferings of Paul the Apostle. You’ll appreciate the gift of salvation and the Jewish roots of the Catholic Church.”  [From the Cover]

Apostolic Fathers – Handing on the Faith

“They faced Emperors, heretics and lions but these heroes of the Catholic faith never lost courage. Chains, prisons and blood-soaked arenas didm to stop the early Christians from witnessing for Christ.”

“Born into a pagan world of gods and goddesses, they blazed a new trail to follow the living God. With the words of the Apostles still ringing in their ears, these champions passed the fullness of the faith on to the next generation. With the traditions and practice of the Apostles still fresh in their minds, these heroes died rather than betray our Lord. Join the adventure as Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, takes you on an exciting journey to the Roman Empire and the world of the first Christians. You’ll sit at the feet of the apostles, celebrate the Eucharist in hiding, and tremble at the suffering they endured for Jesus Christ. Retrace their steps through Israel, Turkey, France and Italy.”  [From the Cover]