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This is a free Zoom lecture series sponsored by the Association of Hebrew Catholics and given by Dr. Lawrence Feingold, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Saint Louis, MO.

The lectures will be given monthly on the second and fourth Sundays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, with Q&A till 5:00 pm Central Standard Time. All lectures will be recorded. If you miss any lectures, they will be available for viewing on our website about one week after they occur. In that case, the lecture title below will become a link to the recording.

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(Titles in italic and blue are links to the post with the video recording of that lecture.}

1. Why Did God Become Man, Part 1 Sept. 12
2. Why Did God Become Man, Part 2 Sept. 26
3. Prophecies of the Messiah, #1: Notion of Messiah; Blessing in Abraham’s Seed Oct. 10
4. Prophecies of the Messiah, #2: Messiah as the New Moses and Son of David Oct. 24
5. Prophecies of the Messiah, #3: The Messianic Kingdom Nov. 14
6. Prophecies of the Messiah, #4: Suffering Servant. Nov. 28
7. Who Did Jesus Say He Is? Part 1 Dec. 12
8, Who Did Jesus Say He Is? Part 2 Jan. 9
9. Apostolic Proclamation of the Divinity of Jesus. Jan.23
  Feb 13 lecture cancelled due to mechanical difficulties
10. Early Christological Heresies: Gnosticism and Adoptionism. Feb. 27
11. The Arian Heresy Mar. 13
12. The Nestorian Heresy Mar. 27
13. The Council of Chalcedon Apr. 10
14. The Messiah’s Fullness of Knowledge. Apr. 24
15. Jesus’s Human Knowledge, Part 2. May 8
16. Jesus’s Emotions, Human Will, Freedom, and Grace May 29

Part 2, The Mysteries of the Life of the Messiah is postponed until after the Easter Vigil, 2024. Dr. Feingold will now give a Hebrew Catholic Course in the Catholic Faith beginning  July 2, 2023.
Click here for more information on this course.
  Part 2. The Mysteries of the Life of the Messiah (Projected for 2024)
The Annunciation
18. The Visitation
19. The Birth and Circumcision of Jesus
20. Presentation in the Temple
21. The Finding in the Temple and the Hidden Life of the Holy Family  
22. The Luminous Mysteries: Jesus’s Baptism  
23. The Wedding at Cana  
24. Jesus’s Preaching and Prayer  
25. The Transfiguration  
26. The Institution of the Eucharist  
27. Sorrowful Mysteries: The Temptations and Gethsemane  
28. Suffering of the Messiah  
29. The Atonement, part 1  
30. The Atonement, part 2  
31. The Mystery of Holy Saturday  
32. The Resurrection of the Messiah  
33. The Ascension of the Messiah  
34. Pentecost  
35. The Second Coming