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Catholic Answers
Catholic apologetic resources

Catholic Definitions
Definitions of Catholic terms provided by Marty Barrack at his Second Exodus web site.

Catholic Dictionary, Pocket
An abridged version of the Modern Catholic Dictionary by Fr. John Hardon, SJ.

Catholic Encyclopedia
This edition was published between 1907 and 1914.

Catholic Social Doctrine, Compendium

Voters Guide for Serious Catholics

What Catholics Should Consider When Casting Their Vote
The Church’s Social Doctrine and the Issues Confronting the Electorate, by Dr. Lawrence Feingold

Church Fathers
Includes the early Councils, the Apocrypha, and other documents (e.g.the Didache)

Code of Canon Law 1983

Eternal Word Television Network established by Mother Angelica

Mass Times  for Traveling Catholics

Nazareth Master Catechism
Aguinas, Trent, Baltimore, Pius X and CCC catechisms

Papal Encyclicals Online
Free access to Papal and other official documents of the Church

Real Presence Association
Material on the Real Presence and Eucharistic Adoration, by Fr. John Hardon, SJ and others.

Second Exodus
Reasons for our faith. Marty Barrack provides a Hebrew Catholic Perspective.

Summa Theologica
By St. Thomas Aquinas

Vatican Website (English)

Commision of the Holy See for Religious Relations with the Jews