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This column was inaugurated and initially written by Msgr. Eugene Kevane for The Hebrew Catholic, publication of the Association of Hebrew Catholics. The following statement was included at the beginning of every installment:

We are called to preserve the purity and integrity of the apostolic faith in Jesus the Messiah. That is the concern of this column.

The following text appeared in The Hebrew Catholic #64, commemorating Msgr.’s passing over in 1996.

In addition to his focus on the Apostasy of the Gentiles, Msgr. believed that the well-being of the Church depended upon the faithful transmission of the Apostolic faith to our children. Msgr. also believed that Hebrew Catholics, drawing upon their rich heritage of education and formation in the home, would ultimately contribute to a renewal of this faithful transmission.

We offer you three pieces by Msgr. Kevane.

Homily, September 29, 1984.  The first is the homily given by Msgr. at one of the first AHC meetings in the U.S., on Sept 29, 1984, at Mass for the participants at the Chapel of the Leo House, New York.

The Two Ways. The second piece is a Heritage of Faith article published in issue #36, January 1990. Here, Msgr. calls upon all the AHC to choose the way of life and, like Abraham, remove ourselves from the corrupt paganism of our time.

1935: With a Jewish Family in Germany. The final article was written by Msgr. in July 1983. Reading Msgr.’s refletions of events that took place almost 50 years earlier, one may see Providence preparing this yet-to-be priest for the focus of his life’s work and his role in the development of the AHC and The Miriam Press.