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You Shall Be My Witnesses … (Acts 1:8)
Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church

A Catholic Conference Sponsored by the Association of Hebrew Catholics
At the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel • Oct. 1-3, 2010

The following letter, along with the three documents identified below, were mailed to affiliates of the AHC and many others.

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June 2010

Shlom haMashiach! (Peace of the Messiah!)

Dear Chaverim: (Friends)

I hope this letter finds you well. As we enter the summer months, hopefully with time for relaxation and spiritual refreshment, we look forward with much anticipation to our first AHC sponsored conference here in St. Louis on Oct. 1-3, 2010. The conference is entitled:

“You Shall Be My Witnesses (Acts 1:8), Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church.”

Enclosed is the AHC Press Release that provides a description of the conference, along with a flyer and registration form. We hope you will come and experience the joy-filled testimonies of Jews who have discovered the Messiah and His Church. We also invite your participation and collaboration in the pastoral and educational work of the AHC, in keeping with the mission of the Church in this new phase of salvation history.

For now, your help in spreading knowledge of our conference would be a great blessing. For instance, you may make copies of the enclosed material and give it out. It would also help if you were able to ask your diocesan newspaper to print the accompanying AHC Press Release. Notices in parish bulletins and in the newsletters of other groups would be helpful. A notice could be something like the following:

A Catholic conference, sponsored by the Association of Hebrew Catholics, will be held in St. Louis MO, Oct 1-3, 2010. The conference is entitled: “You Shall Be My Witnesses (Acts 1:8), Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church.” Some of the speakers include: Marty Barrack, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, David Moss, Sr. Rosalind Moss, and Roy Schoeman. Also included is a video interview with Archbishop Raymond Burke. There will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Confession, Rosary and Divine Mercy devotions, and daily Mass. For further information or to register: please call 314-535-4242 or 314-423-1075, email, or visit the AHC website at

Please pray to our patrons, Our Lady of the Miracle and St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross for the success of the conference, and that all will take place in accord with our Lord’s will.

Wishing you every blessing,

In the hearts of Yeshua, Miriam and St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross,

David Moss