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AHC Board of Advisors – Developing

  • Raymond Leo Cardinal burke
  • Dr. Robert Fastiggi
  • Fr. Peter Stravinskas
  • Fr. Jerome Treacy, S.J.
  • Dr. Andre Villeneuve

Stories From the Diaspora

  • The Bride, One Woman’s Walk Through Judaism
    and Catholicism:
    The Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the World to Come

    Introduction – The Walk
    by Channah BarDan
  • When I was a Child …
    by Andrew Sholl
  • An Ecumenical Surprise
    by Marta M. Gómez-Cortés
  • Through Ancient Jewish Eyes
    by Ruth – a cloistered Sister

AHC Resource Center

  • The Rose of Sharon Book of Prayer, by Dr. Kelly Fleming
  • Footprints of God: Abraham, Father …, by Stephen Ray (DVD)