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Rev. Msgr. Michael Eugene Kevane – In Memoriam
by Margaret (Peg) Fitzgerald
by Elias Friedman, OCD
by Dr. Ronda Chervin
by David Moss

Heritage of Faith by Msgr. Eugene Kevane
Homily, September 29, 1984
The Two Ways
1935: With a Jewish Family in Germany

The Apostasy of the Gentiles
Ed. Of all the signs of our times, the two that are probably the most significant are the “apostasy of the Gentiles” and the “return of the Jews to the Holy Land.” These signs, prophesied by our Lord and St. Paul, signal the movement of the divine plan of salvation into a new phase. It is these signs that motivated the founding of the AHC and that undergird the urgency of its work. In this issue, we offer three articles, all by orthodox members of the clergy, regarding the apostasy of the Gentiles.

How Long the Great Apostasy by Fr. Bernard Geiger, OFM Conv.
Cardinal John Henry Newman’s “hard message” For Our Times
by Bishop Basil Meeking
The Ratzinger Report by Elias Friedman, OCD

Yedid Nefesh: Most Dearly Beloved – A Meditation
by a Hebrew Catholic in Israel

Stories from the Diapora
God’s Call to Her, Leslie Bresnick
AHC Impact on One Life, Mary Farrow

The Road to Edith Stein’s Sainthood
by Bob Keeler, Newsday