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The Hebrew Catholic, #101, Spring 2017, has been published. Read our online version by clicking Here

If you have not received this publication, you are welcome to request a sample copy of this issue, at no cost or obligation by clicking Here.

Rev. Msgr. Eugene Kevane – In Memoriam

by Elias Friedman, OCD

Stories From the Diaspora

The Bride, One Woman’s Walk Through Judaism and Catholicism:
The Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the World to Come
by Channah BarDan

Chapter 5 – Purification

On the Importance of Biblical Hebrew in Catholic Seminaries and Academic Institutions

by André Villeneuve

Five Types of Hebrew Catholics

by Br. Gilbert of the Apostles of Perpetual Adoration

AHC Resource Center

The Lord of History, Christocentrism and the Philosophy of History

by Msgr. Eugene Kevane