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Roy Schoeman

Roy Schoeman was born outside New York City of Jewish parents who had fled Nazi Germany. After receiving his Jewish education and formation under some of the most prominent Rabbis in contemporary American Jewry, he went to college at MIT and then Harvard Business School, where he received an M.B.A. magna cum laude and joined the faculty as a professor of marketing. Midway through his career of teaching at Harvard he received the grace of several supernatural experiences that resulted in his totally unanticipated and enthusiastic conversion to Christianity. Following his conversion, he became active in Catholic evangelization, hosting and helping produce a Catholic TV show, writing for Catholic periodicals, and pursuing theological studies at several seminaries. In 2003 his first book Salvation is from the Jews: The Role of Judaism in Salvation History, was published by Ignatius Press and became a surprise best-seller, followed shortly thereafter by a second book, Honey from the Rock: Sixteen Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ, also from Ignatius.

Since then Roy has become a popular guest on EWTN, appearing on a number of shows including “EWTN Live with Fr. Pacwa”, “The Journey Home”, “The Carpenter’s Shop”, “Faith and Family”, and “Bookmark”. He is frequently invited to speak at Catholic parishes, conferences, and retreats throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America.

In his talks, Roy weaves together his personal witness testimony with discussion of the role of Judaism in salvation history from the beginning to the end of time, as illumined by Catholic doctrine. This gives the listener a deeper understanding of Judaism, both as a religion in itself and as a central component of Christian salvation, and sheds light on the unfolding of salvation history leading up to the 2nd Coming.


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