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Prayer for the Beatification of Fr. Hermann Cohen
Ed. Fr. Hermann is known in religion as Fr. Augustine of the Blessed Sacrament. This prayer is taken from The Story of Hermann Cohen by Tadgh Tierney, OCD, pg. 119.
~Mary, Immaculate Virgin Mother, who at the grotto of Lourdes restored to health Fr. Augustine of the Blessed Sacrament that he might serve you faithfully in your Order of Carmel, obtain, we pray, from the Blessed Trinity the grace ……………………… (here insert your intention) through the intercession and merits of your devoted servant whose joy was to suffer for Jesus and to whom it was granted in answer to his heartfelt prayer, to consecrate his life in its entirety to God’s will, service and glory.
Mary Mother of God, glorify, we beseech you, this your servant who through the redeeming power of Christ present in the Holy Eucharist, was brought to the knowledge of the Truth.
Make known, we pray, this apostle who was fired with devotion to the Sacrament of your son’s love. May he bestow upon us, priests and laity alike, his burning zeal that the Divine Presence in the Eucharist be adored, the Mass celebrated with reverence and sincerity, Holy Communion received frequently and with devotion.
Grant that forthwith throughout the world and especially among your chosen people, Israel, there may be established the Eucharistic Kingship of the son of David, the Living Bread who came down from heaven in he womb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.