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The Forgotten Holocaust: 5,000,000 non-Jewish Victims

Yad Vashem

As the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations. Established in 1953, as the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of intergenerational and international encounter.

For over half a century, Yad Vashem has been committed to four pillars of remembrance: Commemoration, Documentation, Research, Education

Holocaust Cybrary, Remembering the Survivors

A People’s History of the Holocaust and Genocide

Holocaust Educational Resource: The Nizkor Project

Dedicated to 12 million Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime.

66 Questions and Answers About the Holocaust

Nizkor’s Response to the Institute of Historical Review & Ernst Zündel

Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemtism

Monitors antisemitic activity throughout the world.

Holocaust Denial

Notable Holocaust Deniers

Auschwitz, the Christian, and the Council

by Msgr. John M. Oesterreicher