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Catholics for Israel
Catholics for Israel and Catholics in Israel fostering a greater love for the Jewish people, for Jesus the Messiah, and for His Body, the Catholic Church.

Catholic Friends of Israel
Faithful Catholics who support the existence of the State of Israel.

Christian Jewish Relations 
This site contains articles and documentation regarding Christian Jewish relations and the ongoing dialogue. Be aware that the material on this site, including some by Catholic authors, may not be consistent with the Catholic faith as taught by the Magisterium.

Mixed Signals from the Vatican
by Christopher Blosser

Pave the Way Foundation
Works to identify and eliminate non-theological obstacles between the faiths. Making major contributions regarding Pope Pius XII.

Popes and the Jews
By and about various Popes and the Jews

SIDIC International Service of Jewish-Christian Documentation 
Founded in 1965, the SIDIC center is located in Rome and is under the responsibility of the Congregation of the Sisters of Zion.

Toward Tradition
Founder and Directore: Rabbi Daniel Lapin
A national coaltion of Jews and Christians seeking to advance the U.S. toward traditional values.