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The following appeared in The Hebrew Catholic #64, pg. 26. All Rights Reserved

God’s Call to Her
Leslie Bresnick

… I was very surprised and pleased to receive your phone call, especially coming, as it did, on the heels of a rather uncomfortable call with the rabbi’s wife. For whatever His reasons, God continues to bless me. I especially could relate to … Shelley Laterza … in a Messianic fellowship. … I can definitely say I have gained an understanding of the problems of the typical independent Protestant congregation. However, I was very blessed by learning about music ministry, so I’ll take that away as a kind of gift.

Last Sunday, we had the Rite of Welcoming into the Church. There are a total of eight candidates/catechumens this year. It was a wonderful and simple ceremony, and I left feeling that I had crossed a river, finally, out of the desert and into my homeland; and all I have to do is finish the journey to the castle in the middle. This journey will be delayed a little, however, because I have to go through the Annulment process …

Everywhere I go, I always mention the AHC as God’s call to me to finally become Catholic. The acceptance on the part of the Gentile Catholics I meet, of the concept of a Hebrew apostolate is so reassuring! To me, the existence of this organization is such a joy, because now I can truly become a fulfilled believer in Christ! I can become a Catholic Christian, yet retain my Jewish/Hebrew identity. This is also somewhat reassuring to my husband, who is afraid that I will assimilate once I’m baptized. …