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by Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL
Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri

The Association of Hebrew Catholics has been offering a Fall and Spring lecture series on various themes within The Mystery of Israel and the Church. The lectures are held, at no cost, on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm in the Gannon room of the Rectory at the Cathedral Basilica in Saint Louis. Parking and entrance is on the west (left) side of the Rectory.

Each series of 12 lectures treats an overall motif. In many lectures, Dr. Feingold highlights the unique role and positive contribution of the Jewish people to salvation history.

Each Lecture Series link takes you to a page where the individual lectures are listed and available for online listening or downloading to your computer. The text for these lectures, where they are available, can be accessed by clicking on the link containing the word “Text”. The pdf containing the lecture text will be removed once a book containing that lecture is published.

All rights are reserved. These lectures, whether in audio or text form, may not be modified or sold. However, you are free to make and distribute copies of these lectures.

The lectures for each series may also be ordered as:

  • an MP3 formatted disc, generally containing 12 lectures and 12 question/answer sessions (approx 18-19 hours). This disc can be played on CD or DVD players with MP3 capabilities. Most modern computers can also play MP3 format recordings. The MP3 discs are available in the web store.
  • a single lecture on an audio CD, playable on most CD players. Each lecture (CD) is available at a cost of $5 plus shipping.
  • Sets of audio CDs, with all the lectures and question/answer sessions in series. They will be produced on demand.
  • a book, once it is published.