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      I understand that you want to waer your Kippah at church. Perfect! But why?
      I am a Jew, Bar mitzvah the whole megillot. Active in schul.
      The deeper question is what is triggering you to want this?
      My humble view:
      1.We are completely , beautifully transformed in Christ, and let go of the grasp on our identity through cultural markers. Vrry liberating…but risky I admit.
      2.There is a marvelous transformation of the community in unity if we come before him in unity and עירמ.
      3. In schul, teffilot talit and kippah are EXPECTED.In church this would be really outside of current practice. But not a reason not to do it.
      4.I would examine if you have other reasons for wanting to be set apart during mass.
      5. A solution,( as I do), is to do all of the Jewish siddur prayers at the back away from where it might distract, before people arrive. Then I take my place wirh the others as one body…naked.. to receive that face of mercy, and continual healing. Open to His stunning work in our lives.
      Shalom+ shanah tovah

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