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        I want to wear my kippah during Mass but I am afraid to try it. Afraid I will be denied the Elements if I do. I sent an email to my pastor asking him about the topic but he did not respond.

        The prelates wear little kippah-like hats during Mass. So obviously it is OK to cover one’s head during Mass. Theoretically, then, wearing a kippah should not be a problem.

        Have any of you tread this path? Care to share the results?

        Thank you.

      • David Moss
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          In principle, there should be no problem with wearing a kippah during Mass. In fact, one of our members used to wear both the kippah and the tallit at Mass.

          When we came to St. Louis, this member attended a Mass with us which was celebrated by Archbishop, now Cardinal, Burke. Archbishop Burke was the one who welcomed us to St. Louis. After Mass, one of the Catholic men attending ran up to the Archbishop to tell him that a Jew had just received the Eucharist. Archbishop Burke knew who our friend was and he responded: “A Jew just received a Jew.”

          Since Vatican II, theologians and clerics have been working to understand the Church’s relationship with the Jewish people, both those inside the Church as well as those outside. It is going to take time to revise the narrative that has been present for 1700+ years.

          The prelates use of a kippah-like hat, called a zucchetto, is a tradition dating back, I believe, to the 1300s.

          Regarding your desire to wear the kippah, I would advise you to respond with prudence and love. I know of no rules directing what the laity may wear. Today, it is scandalous the way some people come dressed to Mass. If your pastor doesn’t forbid you to wear it, then wear it. However, if wearing it causes distress amongst the laity, then out of love for them, I would not wear it. It is going to take time before normal Catholics get used to Jewish traditions.

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        • markvrbka
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            I wear my Kippah to Mass. I have had no issues at all. A few curious stares, but far more supportive smiles. That is my experience, here in Los Angeles, anyways! Mark

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                Mark, it does my heart good to know that not only are you permitted to wear your kippah to Mass, but that you are greeted with supportive smiles. I am glad to know you enjoy such a warm and accepting community. Kol tuv. :)

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                Since my initial post, I wrote to my parish priest twice in an attempt to find out how he holds regarding wearing a kippah at mass. He did not respond.

                Sadly, the vast majority of my emails to bishops and priest go unanswered. This surprises me every time, because I correspond with some of the most important Orthodox rabbis in the world and they answer me. Sometimes, they even call me on the phone.

                I often wonder whether the failure of Catholic priests and bishops to respond has something to do with clericalism. I hope not.

                • ABADI IOAN
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                    I think that you should not be afraid to wear your traditional kippa to the Holy Mass, or other spiritual celebrations, related to the divine praises, in the Catholic Church, if the priest did not give you any answer in this regard.
                    It is important to explain its meaning, if you are approached on this topic.
                    Yeshua HaMashiach, who fulfilled the law and the prophecies (see Matthew 5, 17), reminds us of this fact, when he emphasizes the importance of the divine law, manifested through justice, empathy, kindness, charity, that is, the background of our existential life, which is obviously accompanied by of form, in which the port is also included.
                    ,,[But] these you should have done, without neglecting the others”. (Matthew 23:23).

                    Send me a message, and for your peace of mind you will see that there are Catholic bishops who understand our Jewish attitude, without being bothered by it in any way.
                    I hope that in the future there will be no problem for you in wearing the kippah, in the circumstances you mentioned.

                    To be taken into account – There are liturgical moments, in which out of respect for Yeshua, who descends on the altar, the head of those participating in the Holy Mass must be uncovered.

                    The LORD bless you!


                • Anonymous
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                    I understand that you want to waer your Kippah at church. Perfect! But why?
                    I am a Jew, Bar mitzvah the whole megillot. Active in schul.
                    The deeper question is what is triggering you to want this?
                    My humble view:
                    1.We are completely , beautifully transformed in Christ, and let go of the grasp on our identity through cultural markers. Vrry liberating…but risky I admit.
                    2.There is a marvelous transformation of the community in unity if we come before him in unity and עירמ.
                    3. In schul, teffilot talit and kippah are EXPECTED.In church this would be really outside of current practice. But not a reason not to do it.
                    4.I would examine if you have other reasons for wanting to be set apart during mass.
                    5. A solution,( as I do), is to do all of the Jewish siddur prayers at the back away from where it might distract, before people arrive. Then I take my place wirh the others as one body…naked.. to receive that face of mercy, and continual healing. Open to His stunning work in our lives.
                    Shalom+ shanah tovah

                  • fatherjoeljedidiahramirez
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                      I am the member that Mr.D Moss mentions in his post! In fact, I still wear my Kippah and my Tallit-Tassels when I go to Mass or I am asked to say the Mass when one of the Priest at any Parish near me feels ill. Up to this day nobody has said anything to me in a negative way. I wear my Kippah when I go visit the Vatican including my TALLIT-Tassels on my Habits or Vestments! I actually saw 6 Rabbis walking around the second floor of the Vatican. I approached them and they invited me for lunch at the Mess Hall. The Rabbis where very decent and extremely polite to me and very nice! We parted ways after lunch and my heart was full of content! Seeing Jewish Teachers in The Roman Catholic Order – Inside the VATICAN! AMEN

                      FATHER JOEL JEDIDIAH RAMIREZ
                      MISSIONARY PRIEST- Opus Dei
                      “KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY ORDER”

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