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        Our mission is to create space within the Catholic Church for the inclusion of Catholics with Jewish origins. If this is your case, your testimony is very valuable to all of us.

        We also accept Catholic people without Jewish origin who, moved by a love for the Jewish people, want to join and participate in the activities, meetings and outreach campaigns.

        If you are alone, or alone in your city or country, and do not know how to contact to others there, try to join one of the havurah (groups) of nearby countries to learn about the experience of other groups and to share faith, camaraderie, until you find companions in your city or country.

        Not only are you strengthening our apostolate, you will also strengthen your faith in God, the Messiah, and in Mary.

        We have groups on all continents, but it is necessary that our apostolate reaches the 4 corners of the world to announce the Messiah and the good news.

        AHC USA
        AHC CANADA
        AHC EUROPE
        AHC ISRAEL
        AHC ASIA
        AHC AFRICA

        Let us know about you, and we will help you.

        It is important that you register in our association in order to participate.

        We are waiting for you!

        In the hearts of Yeshua, Miriam-Our Lady of the Miracle and Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross,
        Pablo Carrión ARG

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