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Elizabeth Puntel
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    Great thought, Brother. Thanks.

    In further reply to post #9291:
    I listened to Dr. Larry Feingold’s first lecture “Mary and the Old Testament” in which towards the end he explains that the word “almah” is translated as ‘virgin’ in the LXX. In the Hebrew, it is only used 5 times in the Bible and each time as referring to an unmarried ‘maid.’ Very helpful!
    I notice the translation of Gen. 3:15 on uses ‘they shall strike at your head while you strike at their heel’

    Then, I found this in “Mary, the Church at the Source” (Hans Urs Von Balthasar and Joseph Card. Ratzinger, c.1997), p. 86:
    “…In this passage <Mt.28:19-20)> Jesus now reveals himself as the God-with-us whose new kingdom embraces all nations in its span, because there is but one God for all. Correspondingly, Matthew, in his account of Jesus’ conception, makes one alteration to the words of Isaiah. He does not repeat the phrase “she <the virgin> shall call his name Emmanuel.” Instead, he says “they shall call his name Emmanuel (which means God with us).” This “they” is an allusion to the future communion of believers, the Church, which shall call Jesus by this name.
    Footnote: Ratzinger footnotes that from p. 21 of J. Gnilka, Das Matthausevangelium, vol 1 (Freiburg, 1986)

    I found both sources really helpful.