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Bryan Shane
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    Catholicism, like Judaism, is rich with representational symbolism.
    That being said, there is an odious notion called “Judaizing” first promulgated by Church Fathers such as Chrysostom, for one example.
    Vatican II dispensed with the theological antisemitism from which the charge of “Judaizing” originated.
    I suspect organizations such as this one, AHC, could not exist if this were not the case.
    Since t’fillin are symbols that one is bound to God through head, heart and hand (mind, feelings and deeds) it is a symbol that one should not wear carelessly IMHO.
    Since you are familiar with the tradition and the meaning, it sounds like a wonderful living illustration to practice if one strives to live up to it.
    Chabad pushes the notion that every Jew should perform the mitzvo of donning t’fillin.
    Chabad also technically considers anyone outside of Lubavitcher Chasidism to be “non-Jews” so we all are in good company.
    Meanwhile, Chabad provides for every Jew to don t’fillin, even providing them to borrow for that mitzvo.
    I don t’fillin when I feel I am striving to live up to the meaning of the symbol.
    I also wear a kippah.
    Along those lines, I was told by a deacon at Corpus Christi to “remove my hat.”
    I explained that I am Jewish and this is part of my tradition.
    That was sufficient.
    Although there is no place in a mainstream Catholic Church to don t’fillin, one can do it at home before the workday begins.
    Obviously NOT on Shabbos.

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