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Todd Voss
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    Welcome and yes, sorry, I don’t check these forums enough. Still primarily check FB. I think David had good suggestions. I think coming from your perspective the Brant Pitre books might be a great entry point. I am a gentile who has always loved the Jewish roots of Christianity and viewed the ongoing role of the Jewish people as a critical element of salvation history. I crossed the Tiber in 2005 from the Lutheran Church. One concern I had about the Catholic Church was its troubled history with the Jewish people, but also that it seemed there was no place for a Jewish believer such as Messianic Jews (I had always felt there was something valid in Messianic Judaism despite some apparent problems). Realizing the AHC existed made my entrance easier. I actually was an “associated” supporter of AHC even before I joined myself to Rome. It was part of the journey.