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Chana Ravinsky y
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    And maybe you should contact which is an agency of the Holy See founded a hundred years ago specifically to help Catholics in the Holy Land, mostly all of whom are Palestinians.

    The zionists bombed Holy Family parish in Gaza as well as the Orthodox church there. They are targeting innocent people and I can show you pictures of children who died of starvation.

    I am thankful that the Holy Father, Catholic Relief, Catholic Near East Welfare Assn, Pax Christi, the Franciscan Action Network and other Catholic agencies, who are actually over in the Holy Land, as well as the Bishops there, do not feel as you do or this Jewish Catholic of 45 years standing might have left the Church.

    The mission of the Church is to comfort the afflicted, not aggressors and colonizers like the zionists have been for 75 years.