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Chana Ravinsky y
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    I do not at all think as a Jew and a Catholic that what Hamas did justifies the 30,000 innocent women and children being ruthlessly slaughtered by the zionist state.

    Palestinian Catholics and other Christians have also been murdered. The Holy Father spoke out about it and is begging for this genocide to end.

    The zionist state started all this in 1948 when they drove Palestinian people from their villages.

    I have watched many videos daily over the past 5 mos showing zionist terrorists targeting babies, shooting starving people trying to get food, preventing humanitarian aid from coming in.

    I was raised a zionist Jew and before I became Catholic as a young adult I was active in zionist causes. I am horrified to learn in my 60s that I contributed to this nightmare.

    Your sympathies should be with the people being genocided for no crime other than having occupied land the zionists wanted. SHAME on you if you are a priest. SHAME!

    For an education go to:

    I will ask Our Lady of Palestine to reveal the truth to you.