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    Hello…And you Chaa Ravinsky. This is Father Joel Jedidiah Ramirez…I have a part answer for you. Did you see the feed cams the Hamas Militants where wearing on their foreheads? Recovered by Israel Defence Forces? cameras to record their atrocities on October 7th of this year? Hamas carried out heinous crimes on October 7th. These attacks were carried out by the Commanders of HAMAS! Not all videos have not been showed as of yet. People around the world have witness the attack on October 7th. 90% of people around the world were shocked and some even cried! On October 7th, I was in Nazareth. Nothing went wrong in Nazareth but we were told by IDF to leave Israel by the Ben Gurion of the Navage Airport. We returned to the United states immediately. I heard the explosion and gun fire when we reached the airport. IDF Soldiers are carrying out these defense attacks. Due to the attacks on different parts of Israel. Killing Babies, killing Pregnant Jewish Ladies, Sexual assaults of young Jewish Ladies and sexual assaults on Male Victims. This war will end when the IDF hs exterminated all the Hamas out of GAZA. I the IDF will not stop util every HAMAS are killed or captured and escaping through the RAFA EYGYPT BORDER! THIS IS A 911 WHAT HAPPENED IN THE UNITED STATES! Now ISRAEL HAS a OCTOBER 7th 2024 Tragedy, A real disgusting attack on Israeli Citizens and other people who traveled to Israel for the Music Festival! Were also slain and abducted my hamas! Pro-Life has to be conducted in a proper matter. Look at all the babies and young children left orphans! United States will keep helping ISRAEL until this war is over!…USA will not allow Arab Countries to interfere with the War on Israel VS. Hamas!
    Father Joel Jedidiah Ramirez
    Missionary Priest-Opus Dei