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    In regards to this thread on orthodox Jews new to the faith in Yeshua and catholic church.
    1. I am an orthodox Jew still in schul
    2. Any Jew comming into the church needs a personnal guide to help him or her make sense of it all
    3. It requires the Jew to really make an outstanding effort of laying down all he holds dear. Ways of dressing for prayer, styles of worship,ways of relating to other people.we really have a unique style in schul and it all feels so confortable BUT
    Yeshua isn’t ther openly…and when you have been overwhelmed by His presence, the rest seems not so important anymore.
    4. It takes time to get to this point. Be patient.
    5. Know whose you are..( now a new creation)
    6. I still do tefillin and pray from the siddur every morning. Shomer Shabbat and Kosher and kashrut.I have a wonderful synagogue community. No Jew has to give this up, but look what you gain: the possibility to be authentic in your love for yeshua and to be in communion will people from all over the world and cultures.
    7.Haftorah would tell us: love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with your G-d. It’s a difficult journey but so, so worth it.