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    Shalom Dave,
    Welcome to our forum. Before I entered the Catholic Church I spent many years in a messianic synagogue. But when I came into the Catholic faith I discovered how Jewish the Church already is. In some cases it is just under the surface but its there. At the AHC we are developing different ways that we can still maintain our Jewish identity through the Feasts of Israel. We do everything in the Light of Messiah so its all Kosher. We have a Peach Haggadah and services for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot. We still need to work on Shavuot but its a work on progress. We also have an online Havurah that you are welcome to attend. We meet on zoom the 2nd Friday of the month. We celebrate Shabbat together and pray Vespers (evening prayer). The Liturgy of the Hours is a fulfillment of the Hebrew Siddur. You can find the zoom link on the home page, just click on Upcoming Events. Feel free to contact my wife and I at Welcome to the AHC and may G-d bless you.