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David Moss
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    Hi, I had a few minutes and was able to take a look at this forum. I appreciate everything that has been written and sympathize with those who have had difficulty adjusting to life in their parish. Historically, we are in a transition period where, for the first time since about the 3rd or 4th century, the Church is officially embracing the Jewish people. While they are doing so with respect to the Jewish people outside the Church, the Church has not yet said much, except on an individual basis, regarding the Jews within the Church. While the theoiogians and clerics do their work, the AHC is moving forward, slowly and steadily, to help those Jews who have entered the Church to preserve their identity and heritage within the Church. Unfortunately, since we are so thinly dispersed throughout the world, much of our efforts have to be carried out via electonic communications.
    The Jewish people in Egypt waited for hundreds of years before God sent a deliverer, Moses. It took a lot longer before God sent His Son Yeshua, but this time not just for the Jews but for the whole world. And those in the world that entered the Church overwhelmed the Jews who started it all. That was for a time. We have entered a new time, and I beg your prayers and patience as His will unfolds. I also welcome your support for the AHC as we serve our Lord in restoring the People Israel to their Church.