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    I think that you should not be afraid to wear your traditional kippa to the Holy Mass, or other spiritual celebrations, related to the divine praises, in the Catholic Church, if the priest did not give you any answer in this regard.
    It is important to explain its meaning, if you are approached on this topic.
    Yeshua HaMashiach, who fulfilled the law and the prophecies (see Matthew 5, 17), reminds us of this fact, when he emphasizes the importance of the divine law, manifested through justice, empathy, kindness, charity, that is, the background of our existential life, which is obviously accompanied by of form, in which the port is also included.
    ,,[But] these you should have done, without neglecting the others”. (Matthew 23:23).

    Send me a message, and for your peace of mind you will see that there are Catholic bishops who understand our Jewish attitude, without being bothered by it in any way.
    I hope that in the future there will be no problem for you in wearing the kippah, in the circumstances you mentioned.

    To be taken into account – There are liturgical moments, in which out of respect for Yeshua, who descends on the altar, the head of those participating in the Holy Mass must be uncovered.

    The LORD bless you!