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David Moss
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    Hi Binyamin,
    I may have written this before, but to review: Fr. Friedman OCD launched the AHC with Andrew Sholl, a Holocaust survivor, in 1979. I learned about it and began to get involved in the early 1980s. I assumed responsibility for the development of the AHC in 1993. Since then, the AHC website, the AHC webstore, this Forum, The Miriam Press (the AHC publishing arm), the almost quarterly publication – The Hebrew Catholic, audio/video courses, sample home liturgies for Jewish celebrations in the light of Christ, etc. have all been developed.

    In the last few years, Ken and Flora Wilsker has begun to encourage the development of havurot.

    You write that most members (of the Facebook group) appear to have been non-observant Jews prior to their conversion to Catholicism. I cannot confirm or deny that is the case. Many Jews who were observant do not publicly reveal themselves in a forum such as Facebook. But, whether true or not, membership in the Facebook group is NOT membership in the AHC. The Facebook group was started by a friend from Argentina, Pablo Carrion. So whatever observations you make about the Facebook group does not necessarily apply to the AHC.

    The work of the AHC is to preserve Jewish identity and heritage within the Catholic Church. While many talk about it in the Facebook group, the work is done in the AHC. There are many Hebrew Catholics in the AHC who come from observant backgrounds. One Observant Jewish woman, now also a Catholic, is married to a Catholic man. They are running an internet havurot from Israel for young couples with children. Their intention is to explore how to raise their children in both traditions, living and celebrating both traditions.

    I should mention that the havurot are groups that are voluntarily started and run. While I believe that they will help us develop individually and as an organization, their work is not controlled by the AHC. Our only role is to support them as best we can as long as they remain faithful to the teachings of the Church.

    The AHC community did NOT “purposdfully, knowingly” set up meetings on Shabbat. The AHC does not direct the setup, timinmg, or content of havurah meetings.

    Binyamin, you are interpeting things too personally. The AHC is not officially connected to Facebook or to any havurah. If you want to be more involved with Hebrew Catholics who are/were observant, then let’s think about how we can invite them into some form of communication/meeting. What are you willing to do to make this possible?

    I am starting on the next issue of “The Hebrew Cathoiic.” If you provide me with an email address, I can put in a blurb that you are looking to make contact with Hebrew Catholics who are/were observant and wish to connect with others like themselves.

    Let me know. You can reach me at