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    Nice reading about you! I also really like the response of Andreasiosep Hus, and I realize my response may be too late to help, if that were even possible.

    Your dilemma obviously is very hard. I am Jewish and a practicing Hebrew Catholic–though my journey is a bit different–and I am married with four young adult children and two grandchildren. I think if you demonstrate to your children that you not only will keep but even intend to intensify your family’s Jewish traditions and education, including celebrating the Bar Mitzvah, they may eventually accept and share or at least tolerate your faith in the Truth about the world and Judaism itself–the fulfillment of Judaism–Jesus Christ.

    The Association of Hebrew Catholics offers many opportunities and ideas on living your life fully as a Jew. For example, tomorrow, the AHC Saint Louis Havurah is celebrating Rosh HaShanah 2022 on Zoom. Sounds like you may be hosting your family, though.

    Objectively, the best and fullest way to live Judaism is to follow Christ, and His grace will prevail!

    I wish and pray the very best for you and your family in this very difficult transition.