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    Brother Gilbert,

    Though I focus more on literal/historical interpretation of Scripture, the content, interpretation, and beautiful musical piece (Our Lady Danced at Cana/Six Creative Days) in The Dance of Two Camps: Nakedness of Spirit and Soul truly are fascinating, enriching, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing that with me.

    Regarding the Hebrew Catholic Vocation, this for me especially is informative, delineating, and helpful. Your insights are articulated so well and insightfully, for example, “The Catholic Jew is to be a living icon of the Jewish Messiah for the Gentiles. The Hebrew Catholic family is to be an icon of the Jewish family life of the Holy Family…Thus the distinctive vocation of the Jews in the Church is the witness to Torah and mitzvoth as revealed in Divine Revelation and unfolded in salvation history through the reality of the Messiah and his acts of perfect adherence and fulfillment of the Torah and mitzvoth as the way of perfect sanctification.” Your referencing ecclesial authorities supported and underscored your thesis very well.

    I have two questions of clarification that only you can answer. I some circles, “Torah-observant” is a nebulous or controversial term. How do you define it? Also, for you what are the parameters, rules, etc., for a Chasidic Catholic community. Thank you; looking forward to your response!