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Introduction to the AHC Forums

The AHC Forums were established to discuss the various themes and issues of Fr. Friedman’s thesis explained in his book, Jewish Identity, the various pastoral needs of Hebrew Catholics, Catholic-Jewish relations, the land and state of Israel, and other matters of related interest. There is also a schmoozing forum where you can meet and get to know each other. All Catholics are welcome to join and participate in these forums.

Except for brief quotations and/or a link relevant to a post, including large segments of other people’s writing is not allowed without permission.

We strive for a peaceful atmosphere and a respectful exchange of views. We have a zero-tolerance policy for ad hominem attacks, foul language, anti-semitism, anti-Judaism, anti-Catholicism, anti-Zionism, or conspiratorial theories. Those who engage in these things will be banned from the group.

Additionally, this is not a Forum:
• for dissent from the Magisterium
• to proselytize or challenge the faith of Catholics
• for interfaith disputes the
• for political discussions
• to promote products, services, causes, or events without permission of the moderator

Finally, any material read or discussed in these forums may not be used outside the forums to the detriment of Jews, Catholics, or the work of the AHC.

By clicking the button below, you agree to abide by the rules above and can then register.

May our Lord bless our discussions in Messiah.