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David-WallDavid Wall, Executive Director of Torah’s Light Ministries and a member of the AHC,  was in his truck with his possessions, moving from Ohio to Louisiana. As he was passing through Kentucky, someone rear-ended him. His truck rolled over a number of times and burst into flames. The man who was driving the car that hit him, pulled David from the burning truck before the truck exploded.

Apart from a concussion, a bruised spine, and some burns on his face, David appears to be recovering. But he has lost everything, except for his bible, a tanach, and a rosary tossed out of the car as it rolled over.

David’s sister has set up an appeal for financial help on a web site used for such purposes. You can read his full story and see pictures of his accident on this site. The url is:

We have arranged a Mass of Thanksgiving for his life to be celebrated on 9/12/13. Please join your prayers with those of the Mass on 9/12.

We thank you Lord for David’s life and ask, if it be Your Will, that You help David rebuild  his life and his work in Torah’s Light Ministry.

In Messiah
David Moss