The Bride

One Woman’s Walk Through Judaism and Catholicism: The Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the [...]

The Bride2015-09-15T18:44:29-05:00

Steve Trombecky Marcus Grodi interviews Steve Trombecky on The Journey Home

Steve Trombecky2014-06-26T20:54:44-05:00

Dawn Eden Marcus Grodi interviews Dawn Eden on The Journey Home.

Dawn Eden2014-06-26T20:30:00-05:00

HC Individuals

In this section, we include the spiritual journeys of [...]

HC Individuals2024-05-10T14:30:19-05:00

Charles Hoffman

The Passion of the Christ: Reflection of a Jewish Convert

Charles Hoffman2014-06-26T14:59:32-05:00


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