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Bnei Miriam Havurah is a Hebrew Catholic study and prayer group on the Jewish roots of the Catholic Church and Faith in the Huon Valley Parish in the far South of Tasmania under the umbrella of the Association of Hebrew Catholics.
It was originally established in St Louis Missouri as the Bnei Miriam Kollel by the future Brother Gilbert Joseph of the Divine Presence and Jeff Ryan an American Hebrew Catholic with the support of David and Kathleen Moss of the AHC. It was re-established as the Bnei Miriam Havurah in Perth in the parish of St Bernadette’s Glendalough in 2011 by Brother Gilbert Joseph of the Divine Presence. In 2014, it was transferred to Tasmania firstly to Taroona, then Huonville and finally to Dover in July of 2015. It is now hosted and led by the Little Eucharistic Brothers of Divine Will of which Brother Gilbert Joseph is the Littlest Brother (superior/ facilitator).