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11.01 Introduction: What is Biblical Typology?

11.02 Typology Explained in the New Testament

11.03 Foundations of Biblical Typology

11.04 Fittingness of Biblical Typology

11.05 Typology in Genesis 1-2

11.06 Typology in Genesis 2-11

11.07 Typology of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac, Gen 12-22

11.08 Typology of Jacob and Joseph

11.09 Typology of Exodus and the Passover

11.10 Typology of Moses

11.11 Typology of the Old Testament Priesthood

11.12 Typology of God’s Dwelling in the Tent of Meeting and the Temple

11.13 Typology of the Ceremonial Law and the Feasts of Israel: Pentecost, Feast of Booths, and Yom Kippur

11.14 Figures of Mary in the Old Testament