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08.01 Man in the Hierarchy of Creation: the Internal Senses

08.02 The Gift of the Intellect

08.03 First Principles, Conscience, and the Challenge of Relativism

08.04 The Spiritual Nature of Man’s Intellect and Will

08.05 Immortality of the Human Soul: Creation of the Soul from Nothing

08.06 Substantial Union of Body and Soul

08.07 Emotions and Temperament

08.08 Love and Sorrow

08.09 Freedom of the Will

08.10 Man: A Creature of Habits

08.11 Creation of Man and Woman According to Genesis 1-2

08.12 Called to Communion: The Spousal Meaning of the Human Body

08.13 Art, Beauty, and Faith: Mission of Art and Beauty in Human Formation

08.14 Man: Made in the Image of God