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04.01 Conversion and the Life of St. Paul

04.02 St. Paul’s Vocation as Apostle of the Gentiles

04.03 St. Paul on the Second Coming (1-2 Thes)

04.04 God’s Plan for Salvation History – Christ as the New Adam (Rom 5-8)

04.05 The Scandal of the Cross (1 Cor 1-2)

04.06 The Self-Emptying of Christ (Phil 2)

04.07 Christ Loved Me and Gave Himself for Med (Gal 2-20)

04.08 St. Paul on the Sacraments

04.09 St. Paul on Christ’s Resurrection (1 Cor 15)

04.10 St. Paul on the Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity

04.11 St. Paul on Justification

04.12 St. Paul on the Mystery of Israel and the Church