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01.01 Why Was the Chosen People Chosen? The Trinity, the Incarnation, and the Election of Israel

01.02 Biblical Prophecies of the Messiah

01.03 Messianic Prophecy: The Suffering Servant

01.04 Biblical Prophecies of the Messianic Kingdom

01.05 Biblical Typology: How the Old Testament Prefigures the New

01.06 Biblical Typology in Genesis

01.07 Biblical Typology: Jewish Feasts and Their Fulfillment in Christ

01.08 The Law of Moses and Its Fulfillment in Christ

01.09 The Continued Role of the Jewish People After the Coming of the Messiah

01.10 The Prayer of Israel and the Prayer of the Church

01.11 Conversion of Israel and the Two Comings of the Messiah

01.12 Mary, Daughter of Zion and Mother of the Church 



The lecture notes for the series “Themes of Salvation History” have been published by The Miriam Press as:

The Mystery of Israel and the Church,
Volume 1, Figure and Fullment.