The Bride

One Woman’s Walk Through Judaism and Catholicism: The Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the World to Come Channah Bardan The Miriam Press, publishing arm of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, has just published this book about Channah Bardan’s... Read More

Introduction to the Universal Call of Holiness, Dr. Lawrence Feingold

Sacred Heart Church, Florissant Missouri, Lent 2016  Read More →

The Natural Desire to See God

David Bentley Hart and Lawrence. Feingold St Louis Campus Ministry, March 2015  Read More →

Mary Prefigured in the Old Testament, Dr. Lawrence Feingold

Steubenville 205  Read More →

From Atheism to Faith – Through Beauty, Dr. Lawrence Feingold

Sacred Heart Church, Florissant Missouri, 2016  Read More →

The Mystery of Israel and the Church, Dr. Lawrence Feingold

Steubenville, 2015  Read More →

Melissa Zelniker-Presser

 Read More →

Herbert Ratner

Articles about Herbert Ratner Herbert Ratner: Apostle of the Culture of Life by Donald DeMarco Books by Herbert Ratner Nature, the Physician, and the Family Selected Writings of Herbert Ratner, MD    Read More →

Fr. Antoine Levy, O.P.

Fr. Antoine Levy OP is Professor at the University of Eastern Finland (School of Theology) and Director of the Helsinki Studium Catholicum. He was born in Paris in 1962. He was raised in a non-religious Zionist home. He discovered Christian faith... Read More

Messianic Judaism – The Ecumenical Factor

Fr. Antoine Levy, OP When it comes to ecumenism, the common view is that it is a movement involving the main traditional Christian denominations. Besides, it is generally perceived as a peripheral issue, even for these denominations. The primary task... Read More

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