Dan Burke

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Jeffrey Morrow

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Mark Drogin

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Peter Sabbath

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David Neuhaus, SJ

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Fr. David Neuhaus, SJ – Witness

An interview, conducted by Fr. Thomas Rosica on Salt and Light Television, Published on May 24, 2016 David Neuhaus was born to a Jewish family in Johannesburg (South Africa) on April 25, 1962. When his parents sent their teenage Jewish son to Israel,... Read More

My Journey to Messiah

I had a relatively normal childhood for a relatively unnormal child. I was bored by school and finished high school at age twelve while attending a school that allowed me to work at my own pace. Because my parents believed me to be too immature to... Read More

Gregg Pratt

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Ken Wilsker

Ed. This article appeared in The Hebrew Catholic #82, Fall-Winter 2006. All rights reserved. My Spiritual Journey into the Catholic Church I grew up on Long Island, NY in a very Jewish community. Everyone on my little block was Jewish and all went to... Read More

Roy Schoeman: Attitude of the Catholic Church toward the Jews from St. Paul to Pope Francis

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