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#92, Spring 2014

• • • View the pdf of this issue. Stories from the Diaspora An Open Letter to Mel Gibson by Cynthia Kron Blessed be God by Sr. Mary of the Redemption SOLT Jewish Identity – A Hebrew Rite in the Church by Bishop Eugene P. LaRocque What is Replacement... Read More

#91, Winter 2013–2014

••• View  the pdf of this issue AHC Havurot Stories from the Diaspora —————————– He Clothed Me with Garments of Salvation, by Miryam Leah Simi Cohen: Gibraltarian, Jewish, Nun, by Fernando... Read More

#90, Winter 2012–2013

••• View  the pdf of this issue Stories from the Diaspora ——————————- The Testimony of Fr. Jean-Rodolphe Kars, Translated by Andrew Sholl Messianic and Catholic, Mark Neugebauer AHC... Read More

#89, Winter 2011–2012

••• view the pdf of this issue Stories From the Diaspora My Journey to the Messiah David Wall The Feast of Pentecost The Lamp of Israel at Paray-Le_Monial Holocaust Survivor at Beatification of Pope John Paul II Submitted by Andrew Sholl Dossier:... Read More

#88, Winter 2010–2011

••• view the pdf of this issue AHC Conference 2010 You Shall Be My Witnesses … Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church —————————– Conference Roster List and Pictures The Mission... Read More

#87, Winter 2009–2010

••• view the pdf of this issue Blessed Frederic Ozanam by Andrew Sholl Frederic Ozanam 1813-1853 from the Vincentian Marian Youth web site Stories From the Diaspora Professor Mario Hübner, A Uruguayan Hebrew Catholic... Read More

#86, Winter 2008–2009

••• view the pdf of this issue Stories From the Diaspora Fr. Noah Waldman Brief Bio and Pictures of Fr. Waldman’s Ordination Stories From the Diaspora A Kickapoo Jew by Fr. Ramiro Trejo ofm The Mystery Of Israel and the Church The Prayer... Read More

#85, Winter – Spring 2008

••• view the pdf of this issue On Wings of Prayer Jean-Marie Aaron Cardinal Lustiger Andrew Sholl Jean-Marie Aaron Cardinal Lustiger Tributes Stories from the Diaspora Account of My Conversion Dr Lawrence Feingold The Making of a Jewish Nun Rosalind... Read More

#84, Spring – Summer 2007

••• view the pdf of this issue Wings of Prayer David Moss From our Shepherds Covenant with God and Certificate of Consecration Image of Sacred Heart Enthroned in the AHC Center On Jews Within the Church Compiled by David Moss  Read More →

#83, Spring – Summer 2006

#83 Spring-Summer 2006 Letter of Support Archbishop Raymond L. Burke Conference Welcome, Jan. 27, 2006 Bishop Victor Galeone Homily for Conference Sunday Mass, Jan. 29, 2006 Bishop Victor Galeone Eugenio Zolli, A Prophet for Our Time Judith Cabaud The... Read More

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