Liturgical Year

AHC Liturgical Calendar for 2016-2017

We have been blessed by the efforts of Elizabeth Young of Etz-Hayim (Tree of Life) Publishing. Among the many resources Etz-Hayim makes available, a Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar is published each year. Elizabeth has modified their regular... Read More

AHC Sukkot

The AHC Sukkot booklet, a work in progress, was initially put together for the celebration of Sukkot, in the Light of Christ, by members of the Saint Edith Stein Havurah in Saint Louis, Missouri. It is intended for use in family and small group settings,... Read More

The Paschal Meal

The Paschal Meal is recommended for parish or large group settings. It has an imprmatur from the Most Rev. Karl J. Alter, previously Archbishop of Cincinnati. This booklet may also be freely downloaded, printed/copied and distributed to those celebrating... Read More

The AHC Passover Haggadah

The AHC Passover Haggadah, a work in progress, was initially put together for the celebration of Passover, in the light of Christ, by members of the AHC and their families and guests. Much of its content was taken, with permission, from the Hebrew Catholic... Read More


by Judy Bratten If anything has distinguished the Jew from the gentile for centuries it has been his dedication to the Sabbath as commanded by God in Exodus 20 (one of the Ten Commandments). In various cultures and times, the ways of keeping the Sabbath... Read More


by Judy Bratten The Feast of Lights or the Feast of Dedication marks the victory of Judah of Maccabee over the Syrian and Greek armies of 167 B.C. The story of the profanation of the Temple and its subsequent cleansing and rededication is retold, with... Read More


by Judy Bratten The Feast of Weeks, occurring fifty days after Passover, commemorates two things: thanksgiving for the grain harvest and for the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai. Coming seven weeks from the second day of Pesach (First Fruits), Shavuoth... Read More


by Judy Bratten The most well-known and elaborate of the Jewish feasts, Pesach commemorates the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people from the land of Egypt under the leadership of Moses. It is also a springtime celebration, provoking a flurry of cleaning... Read More


by Judy Bratten The Feast of Lots, also called the Feast of Esther, occurs in late winter and celebrates the liberation of the Jews of Persia from destruction at the hands of the proud and wicked Haman, Prime Minister under King Xerxes. It is a wonderful... Read More


by Judy Bratten The Feast of Booths, two weeks after Rosh Hashonah, commemorates the wandering of the Jews in the wilderness for forty years before entering the Promised Land. Families build simple, temporary shelters decorated with fruits of the autumn... Read More

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