Jewish Roots

The Bride

One Woman’s Walk Through Judaism and Catholicism: The Sabbath, Marriage, Mass, and the World to Come Channah Bardan The Miriam Press, publishing arm of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, has just published this book about Channah Bardan’s... Read More

Footprints of God

The Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine Stephen Ray In each of the 8 DVDs of this series, Steve Ray leads us on an adventure, combining a travel documentary, bible study, apologetics, and Church history all rolled into one. A study guide accompanies... Read More

Jewish Roots of the Church

Brant Pitre The following list points to books, CDs and DVDs by Brant Pitre that illuminate the Jewish roots of the Church. Much of this material goes beyond Scripture to bring to light the beliefs and traditions, found in the various sacred writings,... Read More

Jewish Roots of Catholicism -2, by Bob Fishman

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Jewish Roots of Catholicism -1 by Bob Fishman

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