Covenant and Mission

2012, Torah is the Way

Fr. Antoine Levy Helsinki Consultation, Berlin 2012 Jewish existence is buttressed by the concept of Torah. But what is Torah? According to one of its possible etymologies, Torah is a way, a path. But what way? By referring to the Law that G-d gave Moses,... Read More

Fr. Antoine Levy, O.P.

Fr. Antoine Levy OP is Professor at the University of Eastern Finland (School of Theology) and Director of the Helsinki Studium Catholicum. He was born in Paris in 1962. He was raised in a non-religious Zionist home. He discovered Christian faith... Read More

Messianic Judaism – The Ecumenical Factor

Fr. Antoine Levy, OP When it comes to ecumenism, the common view is that it is a movement involving the main traditional Christian denominations. Besides, it is generally perceived as a peripheral issue, even for these denominations. The primary task... Read More

Christophoric flesh

Fr. Antoine Levy OP Helsinki Consultation, Moscow 2015                    Since the days of the first disciples of Jesus, there has probably never been a time without Jewish disciples of Jesus. I do not mean here Jews who converted by... Read More

What is Dual-Covenant Theology?

Ariel ben Ami Ed. The “mystery of Israel” has become a subject of research, meditation, and dialogue since World War II and, in particular, since the publication of the Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate. Prior to the war, Replacement Theology represented... Read More

All in the Family: Christians, Jews, and God

Michael Forrest and David Palm [Ed. Michael Forrest and David Palm have contended with Catholics who hold the errors called the “dual covenant” theory and “extreme supersessionism.” They have also contended with Catholics who seem hostile to Jews... Read More

Should Catholic … Reflections on Covenant and Mission

Reflections on Covenant and Mission Consultation of the National Council of Synagogues and the Bishop’s Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs August 12, 2002 Ed. This article appeared in “The Hebrew Catholic”, #77, Fall... Read More

Should Catholic … In the Wake of ‘Reflections on Covenant and Mission’

In the Wake of “Reflections on Covenant and Mission” David Moss Ed. This article appeared in The Hebrew Catholic, #78, Winter-Spring 2003. All Rights Reserved. The last issue of The Hebrew Catholic was sent to every bishop in the United States and... Read More

The AHC Proposal to Preserve the Jewish Witness

David Moss (Ed. This article appeared in “The Hebrew Catholic”, #77, Fall 2002, pp. 32-37.)   Contents 1, Regarding the Catholic Jewish Dialogue 2. Why Do We Respond to Reflection? 3. Our Identity 4. Covenant … Reflections 5. Covenant... Read More

Should Catholic … America’s Bishops: No Jews Invited

America’s Bishops: No Jews Invited By John P. Zmirak Ed. John Zmirak, the editor of the National Catholic Register Symposium, contacted the AHC telling us of his own article responding to the Reflections document. Having never had contact with John,... Read More

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