Catholic Jewish Relations

Roy Schoeman: Attitude of the Catholic Church toward the Jews from St. Paul to Pope Francis

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Links: Catholic Jewish Relations

Catholics for Israel Catholics for Israel and Catholics in Israel fostering a greater love for the Jewish people, for Jesus the Messiah, and for His Body, the Catholic Church. Catholic Friends of Israel Faithful Catholics who support the existence... Read More

From Pius XI to Francis: Catholic-Jewish Relations Under Seven Popes

18th Annual Peter Richard Kenrick Lecture October 3, 2013 ~ Presenter: Fr. Dennis D. McManus [Ed. The following statements are taken from the website of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. The video below was published on Jan. 4, 2014.] Fr. Dennis McManus, a... Read More

It Only Hurts When I Stop Laughing

Ed. This article first appeared in New Oxford Review, Oct. 2003, pgs 24-29, and was reprinted with permission in The Hebrew Catholic #79 Winter 2004. Marilyn is a housewife and free-lance writer, mother of eight, and grandmother of many (she says the... Read More

1935: With a Jewish Family in Germany

Ed. The following appeared in The Hebrew Catholics #64, pp. 17-18. All Rights Reserved. Msgr. Eugene Kevane. In July, 1935 I lived with a Jewish family in Munich. What I saw has stayed with me all this nearly half century as a Catholic priest, as a “Reverend... Read More

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