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Fellowship of St. Joseph – Activity Report of Last 4 Years, May 2014

 The Fellowship of St. Joseph – A New Havurah in Toronto, Ontario. 2010-2012 The idea to begin a fellowship in Toronto associated with the AHC began in October 2010 at the AHC conference in St. Louis. What emerged after much prayer was The Fellowship... Read More

ICEJ Tour of Israel for Catholics – 10.2014, Feast of Tabernacles

The Canadian office of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) is pleased to offer an 11 day tour of Israel for those of Roman Catholic faith, with daily Mass, led by Father Augustine Obiwumma and Gail Mobbs of ICEJ Canada. The ICEJ is known... Read More

Hebrew Catholic Connections Havurah, Jacksonville, Florida

Ed. This article first appeared in The Hebrew Catholic #82, Fall 2005 -Winter 2006. All rights reserved. Hebrew Catholic Connections Havurah St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Jacksonville, Florida Trish Kessler and Alan Rees The havurah at St. Joseph’s... Read More

Beatitudes Visit the Daughter of Zion Havurah

Ed. This article appeared in The Hebrew Catholic #82, Fall-Winter 2006. All rights reserved. Beatitudes Visit the Daughter of Zion Havurah Marty Barrack On October 13-16, 2005, the Daughter of Zion Havurah in rural northern Arkansas received a visit... Read More

Havurot of Moncton, NB Canada

Ed. This article first appeared in The Hebrew Catholic #82, Fall 2005 – Winter 2006. All rights reserved. Havurot of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Fr. Donald Arsenault We, the French and English havurot were very pleased with the visit of David... Read More

The AHC Havurah in Moncton, NB, Canada

Ed. We spoke with Fr. Arsenault in November about the activities of the Moncton Havurah. Here is Father’s report. This article was taken from The Hebrew Catholic, #79. All rights reserved. Every nation cherishes one of their own: England –Shakespeare,... Read More

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