AHC Havurah Newsletter

AHC Havurah Newsletter, Vol. 7, March 2014

Ken and Flora Wilsker Chag Purim!  Shalom havurim, We want to wish you all a very joyful and blessed Purim.  In this abbreviated edition, we will give a brief description of Purim and its significance for Jews, Catholics, and all believers alike. Purim... Read More

AHC Havurah Newsletter, Vol. 6, Dec. 2013

Ken and Flora Wilsker Happy Advent and a Blessed Christmas to all our havurim! Dear Havurim, We are trying to use our updated newsletter software. We hope you enjoy the new fancy schmancy format. We hope that as we get more proficient we can send out... Read More

AHC Havurah Newsletter, Vol. 5, Aug. 2013

Ken and Flora Wilsker Shalom Havurim (Friends), In this issue of the AHC Havurah Newsletter we wish to touch on several topics. One obvious one will be the Fall Feasts of Israel, “the High Holidays”. We also want to begin a discussion on the work... Read More

AHC Havurah Newsletter. Vol 4, May 2013

AHC Havurah Newsletter Vol 4, May 2013 Ken and Flora Wilsker Shalom Havurim (friends) The theme for the Spring Feasts of Israel is “The 3 R’s”. Most of us think of the 3 R’s as reading, writing, and (a)rithmetic, but our 3 R’s refer to Redemption,... Read More

AHC Havurah Newsletter, Vol 3, Mar.2013

AHC Havurah Newsletter Vol 3, March 2013 Ken and Flora Wilsker Shalom Havurim (friends), As we write this Havurah Newsletter, we are in the midst of Lent and making our preparations for Pesach (Passover) and for the Passion of our Lord and Messiah. We... Read More

AHC Havurah Newsletter, Vol 2, Nov. 2012

Shalom Havurim, Light in the darkness…what an appropriate Hanukkah theme coming out of this past election in the U.S.! We’ve just been through a momentous election here in the U.S. where apparently we see forces lining up against the Church and religious... Read More

AHC Havurah Newsletter, Vol 1, Aug. 2012

AHC Havurah Newsletter Vol 1, August 2012 Ken and Flora Wilsker Some of you already know that we have just moved our home and jobs from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA to Louisville, Kentucky, USA. For those of you who are not familiar with the South/Midwest,... Read More

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