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You Are My Witnesses (Isaiah 43:10)

Ed. This talk was originally given at the Light to the Gentiles Conference, Jan27-29 2006 and was subsequentely included in The Hebrew Catholics, #83. In my talk, I briefly recounted my journey to our Catholic Faith as well as that of Elias Friedman,... Read More

Jewish Identity: Irrevocable Calling and the New Evangelization

Ed. The following talk was given at the second historic Hebrew Catholic conference in New York, Jews and the Church, on March 20, 2005 by David Moss, Some early comments and a review of Fr. Friedman’s spiritual journey were left out as they appeared... Read More

Jewish Identity Within the Church

Ed. This talk was given at the first historic Hebrew Catholic conference, Jews in the Church, on December 11, 2004. It was included in The Hebrew Catholic #81. All rights reserved. Jewish Identity Within the Church David Moss “On the evening of that... Read More

Are Jewish Converts Still Jewish?

Are Jewish Converts still Jewish? Ed. Faith magazine’s Patrick O’Brien interviewed David Moss, President of the Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC). The AHC relocated to Ypsilanti, Michigan in Sept. 2001. [The interview below reflects some modifications... Read More

The AHC Proposal to Preserve the Jewish Witness

David Moss (Ed. This article appeared in “The Hebrew Catholic”, #77, Fall 2002, pp. 32-37.)   Contents 1, Regarding the Catholic Jewish Dialogue 2. Why Do We Respond to Reflection? 3. Our Identity 4. Covenant … Reflections 5. Covenant... Read More

  • You are my witnesses (Is. 43:10)  •  You shall be my witnesses (Acts 1:8)